Finisterre - eine Etappe auf dem Weg zu sich selbst

 Ayer –

 My step was light, my heart was there.

Aujourd’hui –

 Waves of sadness washed through me.

 Tomorrow –

Will my heart be light or full of sorrow?


I walked with joy and also fear

 And welcomed every smile and tear.

 I gained a lot, I lost a lot,

 I remembered much and I forgot.

I was pushed out of my comfort zone,

 I was never lonely but often alone,

 I met people that inspired me,

 I felt strong and weak and free.

 I followed yellow arrows and was smelly,

 I loved the Pilgrim’s menus to fill my belly,

I collected “sellos” and learned “unas palabras”,

 I drank lots of “cortados” and finally said “Buenas”.

 I know how to get dressed in the dark, completely noiseless,

 I pack my backpack blindly and use my intuition for choices.

 I walk in dark woods before the sun rises,

 I pass big barking dogs without a big crisis.

I listen to my body and not the clock,

I think going back to everyday life will be a bit of a cultural shock.


 I’m grateful for all I could learn, feel and see,

 Gracias, Danke, Thanks and Merci!

 Now I have got a new Compostela for my shelf,

And incidentally I found my Self.


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